About me

WILF-21Hello! I’m Laura, a first time mum living in Norfolk with my husband, baby Wilfred and Boyce the cat. When not on maternity leave, I work as an art and graphics teacher at a high school. I love all things books, having previously had a career as a graphic designer following completing my degree in Design for Publishing at uni… boy does that seem like a lifetime ago. One of my favourite books at the moment being The Hungry Caterpillar! It’s just so beautifully illustrated and I love showing it to Wilf.

I have been sitting during night feeds for quite a while now thinking about this blog. I decided that the biggest thing for me about becoming a mum, apart from the gorgeous baby himself, is how it has affected my mental health – something I had not expected. So I wanted to write a blog to try to make some honest and funny light of the issues I have come up against since Wilf’s arrival. It’s not been the easiest of times, and that has really taken me by complete surprise. I know not everyone experiences the ‘baby blues’ for very long, or even experience post natal depression at all, but it’s surprised me how many people I have spoken to have indeed felt low or depressed for a while… or even longer… following the birth of their child. There have been quite a few scenarios that I have come up against that I know I am not the first and certainly not the last to experience. None the less I wanted to share them with you and try to make light of them, after all ‘laughter is the best medicine’.

Sometimes it’s ok… there are a lot of things that come to mind about parenting that I quite often attach the phrase ‘well sometimes it’s ok’. For example, one of the first for me was… you know what, sometimes it’s ok to forget to wear your bra and not realise until you are back from the supermarket. Yep, that happened. Sometimes things like that just happen, and it’s ok. It’s actually quite funny really. Follow my Instagram for more #sometimesitsok insights, and feel free to comment and contribute your own. Remember to hashtag it!


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